This morning I came to the realization that all these years of saying of my paintings & drawings: There She Is, when a female face appears has carried a deeper meaning.  There She Is also refers to the divine feminine within.  That powerful divine source is always inside of us, but we forget. Society & all its brainwashing leads to a disconnect from the duvine,  When I am creating art, (doodling, painting, using mixed media) I am most connected to divinity.  The significance is greater than just recognizing a face in my art it is an enlightened awareness of my true self. I believe we are created in divine image with the purpose of staying connected to divine source in order to radiate light into this dark world.  In this mixed media painting ,made with melted plastic from menstrual product wrappers and acrylic, a serene one eyed blue face is staring, at the viewer. She is there, surrounded with radiant & vibrant colors. The colors seen are yellow, orange, green, blue and white.  The oval shape of the lines around her create an aura which stymbolizes the divene feminine which is always there, around & within. She is always present, ready to inspire, to empower, to comfort, & to enbolden.

mixed media painting