About Lisa

Latina-American Artist

What I Do

Human Empowerment

All of us have this blood coursing through our veins. Our bodies are influenced and moved by the cycles and different periods of life that we go through.


In a contemporary, “minimalist” centered art world, Lisa’s work stands out as bright, feminine and simply put – positive.

Recycled Art

It is alchemy to transform discarded materials into beauty by re using said materials to create art.  The possibilities are endless when ones eyes choose to see them.

Artist Statement

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My goal is to capture and celebrate beauty.  I aim to represent nature without emulating it and to show the cyclical wonder found in all of existence. Originally a painter of acrylic and oil, I have also incorporated melted plastic, gesso, and/or clay to create an array of unique mixed media pieces. Some paintings begin with a meditative free-form drawing which is then actualized with vibrant colors of whatever medium suits the piece. Other paintings develop from the different shapes found in the use and placement of recycled materials. 

The transformation that takes place in the creative process is reminiscent of the metamorphic changes that occur through every living thing.

Life can be cruel and ugly, but it can also be magical and beautiful, I want to encourage the viewer to re-focus on the latter.

Artist Style

Lisa Maria Maya’s paintings reflect themes of female beauty, the power of imagination and the wonder of nature. The vibrant colors, undulating lines, and organic shapes that are common patterns within her paintings symbolize both life and joy. She is a painter of acrylic, oil, and mixed media.

Artist Bio

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Born in Queens, NY to immigrant parents from Spain and Puerto Rico, Lisa has been an artist since she could first hold a pen.

Lisa studied at the Art Students’ League of NYC, then at the Inter-American University of San German, Puerto Rico and graduated with an Art Education degree from NYU.

Later she continued her learning in Barcelona, Spain, where she studied sculpture and drawing. She has taught art and art history to students at various grade levels and was also commissioned to paint murals in various schools and public spaces both in Spain and NYC.

Her art work has been exhibited at the Greenpoint Gallery, the Plaxall Gallery, the Oxheart art collaborative and at various venues in NYC. She is a member of LIC-A (Long Island City Artists). Currently, Lisa leads art and creativity workshops for adults and works from her home art studio in Astoria, Queens.

Commissioned Artwork

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Art that Speaks to the Soul

Lisa did a commissioned piece for me and it was so “me” that I could swear she was in my head. She creates artwork that speaks to the soul. I would fill my house with nothing but her art if I could.

– KS, Long Island