La Que Sabe:She Who Knows
Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD writes in her book, “Untie the Strong Woman”chapter 1 pages: 1-3: “In a world that is often heart-stopping in horror and breath-taking in beauty…it is the Blessed Mother who is so unspeakably gracious with brilliant inspirations that pur into us–if we listen, if we watch for them. She is known by many names & many images, & has appeared in different epochs of time, to people across the world, in exactly the shapes & images the soulwould most readily understand her, apprehend her, be able to embrace her & be embraced by her. She wears a thpusand names, thousands of skin tones,thousands of costumes to represent her being patroness of deserts, mountains, stars, streams,& oceans. Nowhere is there found a greater exemplar, eacher, mentor than she who is called amongst many other true names, Seat of Wisdom. Our blessed Mother is the ultimate Mother who gave birth to love. She is the mother who has been outlawed, done outrage to, squelched, carpet bombed, hidden, stabbed, burnt, plasticized, and dismissed. Yet she surviced- in us and for us-no matter who raised a hand against her. She is writ into every sacred book, every document of the mysteries, every parchment that deyails her as wind, fire, warrior, heart of gold, La Que Sabe, the One Who Knows and more.”
The one who knows is the divine feminine within all of us. She guides us in our dreams both in sleep and in wakefulness. She is the breeze of comfort, encouragement, & inspiration within each one of us. She is not embarrassed to proclaim love, & joy as the banners under which we may all march, bringing light & hope into this world.