At the beginning of the summer of 2019 I gladly accepted a commission to paint another She Dances. It’s a truly wonderful experience to paint an art work that has been requested because soimeone loves an artwork you created.  Dimitri and his mom Liz came to my home studio and commissioned an acrylic painting.  Here are photos of the process. Throughout the creation of this painting I would think of where she would be living, in the apartment of Dimitri and his girlfriend, Angela.  As I painted I wished many blessings upon them and their home.  It is my

commissioned art process

This is where this painting began

hope that She Dances will bring beauty and joy to them both. She dances 2 is very similar to the first She Dances.  The goal was to create another painting with a similar color scheme, dynamic movement, and in the same medium:acrylic paint on canvas. Here is a photo of She Dances 1Acrylic painting called "She Dances" is an image of a woman with swirls of bright color strokes of red, orange, and yellow. There are blue and green curved strokes in the background. There are orbs of yellow and blue throughout the painting.