Acrylic painting of two females with swirls of pain around their hairline and orbs between them. This is called "Sisters"

We’re all in this together

The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Like magic, there’s a miraculous transformation that starts with making the choice to change one’s reality by creating thoughts that lead to desired actions and outcomes. It is my belief and soul need to gather together and create safe space for us all to encourage, strengthen, and inspire each other.

Intersectionality to me means feminists(all those who believe in equal rights for all) of all genders/genderless, colors, ages, ethnicities, regardless of their social economic station coming together to dialogue and raise awareness concerning the life cycles that every human being experiences during this physical existence. We are all connected at a very primal place.

Every human is born by way of blood that transports cells.

All of us have this blood coursing through our veins. Our bodies are influenced and moved by the cycles and different periods of life that we go through.

Together, becoming aware of this commonality I think will help us to then honor our individual uniqueness which then impacts our communities and our world.